Frequently Asked Questions

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Are all intuitives/psychics the same?        *Watch our video on how to get a reading

No. Just like musicians specialize in certain styles and genres, intuitives/psychics all have their own unique style and delivery (interactive, seers, tarot, runes, astrology, etc). Many people have an idea of how intuives/psychics "should be" based on an impression they may have from TV, movies, or that they are "all knowing" (the classic comment: "You are a psychic, you should know this!"). The fact is, it doesn't work like that.

I have outlined some of the varieties of senses within the sixth sense category in the first poast of my blog so you may see that there are many ways to capture a transmission. Intuitives/psychics are more like "interpreters" of a transmission and like actual interpreters, some are better at interpreting and conveying the message more accurately than others.

Also, the most important thing is that not all of them have the same intention with their gift. When people encounter a "bad" or "fake" psychics, it is because either they are really bad at the delivery of the message, managing the business side of things, working through their own personal sh*t (which is nothing to laugh about since having strong intuition can make things very difficult to function in this material based world) or simply out to make a buck (and being deceitful).

Since we all have our own sense of discernment, the best thing to do is to see how you "feel". Look for a sense of comfort, peace, or familiarity before you decide. It's just like choosing the right hair stylist, your favorite song or artist, or brand of clothing.

One thing I always want to emphasize is to not get caught up on how "accurate" the reader is or the "wow factor" of their ability. I have seen too many clients wowing and oohing and miss the core message or make it their own to apply. If you are about evaluating the validity of the intuitive/psychic, then the intention of receiving the reading may need to be questioned, first.


Lastly, keep in mind that the money you are paying is an investment for yourself. Sometimes, you may find a great one for a very reasonable fee, but most of the time, you get what you pay for. 

About Future Predictions

When intuitives/psychics tap into someone's future at the time of the reading, they generally tap into 2 different types of futures. One is a "changeable" future and the other is a "scripted" future or fate.

For example, Jesus Christ knew that he would be crucified but yet prayed and asked if that can be changed (so fervently that he perspired blood) and yet he fulfilled his "purpose" through Crucifixion. If Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, MLK, or JFK went to a psychic and found out that they would be assassinated and did everything they can to change it, they still would be assassinated. Meaning that this was part of their "scripted" future. And we know that had they not died in this fashion, their life legacy would not have sustained timelessly as they have after their departure. 

However, if the reader had given you a reading that you will be sick unless you changed your lifestyle and you did which consequently led you to avoid being sick, that was a changeable future.  In any case of changeable futures, our free choices and other elements involved can "shift" the path from what was read at the time of the reading.

Sometimes, the 'timeline' that a reader projects is "off". This is usually because it was bound to happen but there were extra steps for the client, situation around the client, etc that needed time to be ready for that to occur, or that the timing that it actually manifested was the best timing for the greater good, etc. Keep in mind that future is always fluctuating with every choice and thought.

One Universal Law that is NEVER violated is FREE WILL (fate or unchangeable future is scripted by the individual prior to incarnation and not forced by God or any outside force).  So, we all have the choice to change whatever outcome the reader tapped into at the time of the reading.

More on this is an article I recommend:

What is "Mediumship"?

Mediumship is a word that derived from being a "medium". It is often misconstrued with "channeling" but it is different. Medium is when a reader "tunes in" on a frequency where spirit (energy) from beyond communicates and mediates for the client. Channeling is when the spirit or energy consciousness speaks through the channeler. They are both done with the intent to convey a message, but  a medium is more of an interpreter of the message. Keep in mind that when we speak, we first form the thought as a transmission and convert them into language. Since we all become spirit or energy consciousness after we leave our physical body, our speech becomes a raw transmission of a certain frequency in which a "medium" picks it up and conveys into the language of their own.

Mediums often get a peak into what past loved ones are doing on the "other side" and it is often very different than what people think from religious beliefs and theories. 

As for the visual sense of what it is like, the movie "What Dreams May Come - starring Robin Williams 1998" is said to be (among mediums and spiritual community) one of the best depiction of how things work on the other side.

How do I know if they are good or evil?

It is important to discern everything on the intent or energy of the action and not the action itself. For example, salt itself is neutral in that it can be beneficial (sterilization, necessary sodium for the body, etc) and bad for you if you consume excessively. Like doctors, police officers, or politicians, their power and authority can be used for good or evil as well. 

Some intuitives/psychics are driven from a fear based energy and they often capture or interpret messages that just scares, intimidates, or tapping into only the negative side of the energy without presenting the constructive greater good. It is my belief that whether in business or spiritual service, if you are not aiming or intending to present a solution or what can be done (instead of only focusing on can't), then the job is incomplete. 

NOTE: When it is questioned from a religious point of view, such as Christianity, it is often controversial as the Bible somewhat implicates that it is bad to practice intuitive/psychic abilities. However, Jesus Himself was accused of evil practice when He healed a man on the Sabbath, or when he drove out a demon from a man where Jesus points out the contradiction, and so forth. Without going to theological discussion, it is at least clear that Jesus even made a point to weigh the good at hand versus what is written in the law. We know that even judges of the court are often challenged to weigh between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.

How should I prepare for my reading?

You would be disservice to yourself by approaching an intuitive with skepticism or an attitude to test them by looking for accuracy, wow factor, or certain ways that intuitives "should do" (unless your intent is to be purely entertained). Keep in mind that an intuitive session is a collaborative session between the reader and the client. There are cases where the reader will not be able to access or read due to a heavily guarded wall with the client. So having an open mind, being vulnerable, or a sense of surrendering will help to enhance the reading. In the end, the message you need to hear will reach you regardless of who the messenger is if you are in tune.