Services by Connie

One on One Reading


$25/each additional 15min

One on one reading (in-person, phone, or Skype) is where you receive intuitive reading and counsel including mediumship (connecting you to your loved ones on the other side) and future forecast to arrive to the best solution for your life path.

*It is best to not have specific expectations of what you want to hear or experience as this may cause you to miss the important message that is delivered to you.

Group Reading

$350.00/3 hr

$25/each additional 15min

Group (4+) Reading is for families, parties, and events where the seer is invited to provide spontaneous reading for the group as guided to.


*Group Reading does not guarantee that all members attending will be read.

Couple's Guidance

$250.00/2 hrs

$25/each additional 15min

Couples Counseling/Reading is where couples can come in to share the challenges and uncertainties at hand and receive intuitive readings and counsel both as a couple and as individuals.

Although the process varies through the intuitive guidance, it will mainly consist of sharing open and honest feelings, intuitively identifying key factors that are triggering the challenges, providing guided counsel and messages (at times from loved ones on the other side), and summarizing and clarifying outlook moving forward.

House Clearing


(Additional fee may apply for distance)

House clearing is for anyone who is experiencing troublesome spiritual activities at home, needing to clear dense or negative energies.


The service may include but not limited to smudging (sage burning), prayer, chants, counseling, etc.

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Guided Soul-ution

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