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All Things Come in Equal Polarity

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

To every positive, there is a negative. To every shade, there is light.

The law of equal polarity is evident in our lives everywhere.

But how much do we see it in our own life experiences?

An ancient Chinese philosophy such as Taoism or Daoism speaks of yin and yang, a dualism in cosmology. We can see from a scientific perspective that polarities such as positive and negative must co-exist in order to substantiate the value of one another. Right and wrong, good and bad, success and failure and all other contrasting aspects are essential in upholding our state of free will which is one of the Laws of the Universe & Nature.

This, however, is often missed or neglected in our journey when it comes to life choices & experiences in the way it affects us. Please take a moment to take a look at this comic strip.

I often refer to this when I teach or counsel because it is so profound to me. To see our life journey as a train ride like this and to know that we hold the power to make choices that can change the trajectory of our path is something we may not always remember or dismiss because it is too simple or obvious.

All things come in equal polarity. All things. This means that when there is a tragic experience, there is an absolute truth in knowing that there is a equal dynamic of blessing. Recently in LA, we had a tragic passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi along with 7 others with no survivors. This was of course big news especially for those who knew him. And although this was sad news for many and gave some the choice to simply dial in on the fearful aspect of this news, it also presented an immediate positive polarity which was that this type of impact also shakes the collective consciousness to unite in prayer, activating compassion, re-appreciating our time with our loved ones, reflecting on life itself, and so forth.

Even when we consider the Coronavirus, we see how it is also presenting us with a choice, to allow it to consume us with fear and panic setting a detrimental trajectory for ourselves, but also choose to see the opportunity to shine our light, promoting peace and harmonious actions, as well as using it to heal or address our own shadows. If we are told to stay home in the name of safety, we can also see that this is also a call for all of us to slow down and reconnect with ourselves and loved ones.

We are all made of light. But where there is light, there is shade. And we choose which side of us to project at any given moment.

In spiritual communities, we place great emphasis on the Light, Love, and all things positive. And with that comes an imbalance of treating negative or darkness like a plague or disease. And yet, there are many situations where we are guided to look into our shade to see the light because sometimes we need to see how dark the shade is to recognize how bright our light is. Without recognizing the value of the negative, we are not complete in our state of positivity.

To geek out for a second, Star Wars, one of the sci-fi movies filled with philosophical messages also emphasizes the “balance of the Force” and not about simply the light winning the darkness.

I’d like share a post my friend and great Lightworker, Leanna, had written:

“It takes sadness to know what happiness is.

It takes noise to appreciate silence.

It takes absence to value presence.

It takes self forgiveness to be liberated.”

This also means that

If we have been wounded, we have wounded someone before.

If we have been victimized, then we have been a perpetrator before.

We are creators and co-creators of our reality.

The ultimate author our life story.

And as creators, we are designed to feel aligned when we own our choices.

Even when we say we have no choice, this is also a choice.

And to remember that choices are offered in ALL situations with EQUAL POLARITY is key to gaining full ownership of our choices which is the most natural state of who we are...

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