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Honoring the Divine Feminine

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Identifying gender by the physical sex of the body is becoming outdated and is actually nonsense if we understand the masculine and feminine energy within all of us. But what does it all mean?

For a long time we have only understood genders by being born a man or woman. However, what the gay and transgender community has time and time again expressed is that we are not just identified by our physical design. Because whether it is a man and a woman, mother and father, or gay partnerships, the essence has always been about the representation of the balance between masculine and the feminine energy. It is evident in all types partnerships and even in single parenting the balance of the energy is key. And to even take it further, the Native American culture has, from what I understand, 5 gender identification based on their energy and gifts.

So allow me to provide a basic and general overview of the 2 energies as I understand and observe it. Again, I always encourage you all to seek your own interpretation and what I say is only to add or inspire your quest for knowledge and wisdom.

The masculine energy is what facilitates the linear, analytical, logical, organizational, and facilitation to name a few. And this energy is conducted through the left brain. It often seeks and helps to clarify the black & white of understanding.

The feminine energy is where the formless, intuitive, creative, emotions, the nurturement and so on is facilitated. And this energy is conducted through the right brain. It often seeks to protect and provides the colorful inspirations for the masculine to facilitate into a form of expression. This is why men in creative or intuitive fields have more feminine qualities overall.

And we are all born with the balance of the 2 forces. Now, the 2 energies are also constantly fluctuating in its balance and both are prone to both polarities meaning that it can also become toxic.

From the way I observe it, many of the ancient leaders of the worlds like Lumeria were women and it was governed by intuitive and nurturing leadership which then were facilitated and implemented by men.

Although it is a *speculation, the balance became toxic somewhere along the line, and the masculine fought back which eventually took over and the world became as what we know it to be for thousands of years ruled by the toxic masculine. Which is why there is deep propaganda of condescendence and oppression toward the feminine, where women were the target of that representation.

And because all things were filtered through the toxic masculine, control and dominance became the ruling energy, and logic and external interpretation of the world spearheaded the education. Religion became rules and fear based thus limiting our way to spirituality through dogmatic means rather than honoring its individually unique connection. Men were taught to act like “men” and women were taught to act like “women” which consequently dumbed down our identity for the ease of control and programming.

But now the tide is shifting and the Divine feminine is bouncing back to balance. The women are becoming empowered to take leadership, independence, and more men are honoring their creativity, intuition, and emotions. The Divine feminine is being honored once again which is driving love and unity back to the forefront. And finally there is healing and respect restored for women who have long been victimized, suppressed, and oppressed. It is still the beginning but the shift is there and the momentum is picking up. So I express my respect to women that stood their ground, the gay and transgender community for contributing to the uplift of limiting beliefs and old programming. No longer should women feel less or feel incomplete for being single, be judged for being competent, independent, or strong, nor feminine or sensitive men be subjected to bully and ridicule.

Now, it is important for us to be discerning of this movement as it isn’t always coming from this intention and authenticity. Anything is subject to be driven by toxicity and fighting or resisting the opposite side is certainly counterproductive to this cause. Women, be careful of creating clicks amongst women and isolating yourselves from the masculine or begin mocking or taking condescending attitude toward men in the name of healing. The nurturing energy of the feminine is essential in helping to restore the balance for men as it will be very confusing for many at this stage. Let us encourage one another to embrace the energy we hold within and not discriminate or be quick to judge men for the deep and toxic programming they have been subjected to.

In the end, it is not about eliminating the contrast, but to restore the balance of the Force…

From the heart,



*considering the law of equal polarity, if the toxic masculine rules the three dimensional matrix, then it would be natural to assume that there was a period of feminine ruled world and subsequently to toxic feminine transition


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