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I just started running...

In this lifetime, I have incarnated as "Shiro Nobunaga". And as a professional, Shiro is a musician, spiritual counselor/teacher, interpreter/translator, and minister (although I have also served as a Director of Sales and Director of Marketing in the corporate space). I do all the things that people in general have hardest time giving monetary value to (sometimes even acknowledging that it deserves pay), or has no clear market value in.

Whether it is music or spiritual service, I believe it is for the "energy" that one gives to their work that deserves the compensation. And value should be determined by the "quality" of that energy.

I've played, performed, written, recorded, arranged, taught, and produced music professionally for more than 25 years. It is my passion. It is my expression. It is my creative outlet to feed my soul. I will be sharing my musical journey throughout this blog, so for now, I will leave it at that.

In this first post, I'd like to share about the spiritual work that I do.

I was always the counselor. I was the guy that all the girls (not literally) came to to talk about their boyfriends (I was never THE guy for them LOL). Even in church, I always felt led to be the "listener", the counselor, the confidant. And although in church I had to say "The Holy Spirit led me to tell you" or whatever appropriate expression, I had an intuitive sense to provide the best insight (of course it got more refined as I grew).

"Psychic" is now an outdated word full of preconceived ideas, taboos, and misunderstandings. It seems that the most appropriate term for people who utilize their intuitive gifts to help others are best known as "Intuitives". But in essence, we are all intuitive. We are all 6 sense beings. Creatives use it to be "inspired", detectives use their "gut feelings", women/mothers use their "instincts", and so forth. What was known as "psychics" simply use their intuition to help people.

And within the realm of intuition are aspects that are perhaps infinite to define in existing human language. Some are defined in official terms such as clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (hear), clairsentience (feeling), claircognizance (knowing), clairscent (smell), clairempathy (emotion), clairgustance (tasting), clairtangency (touching), channeling (medium), telepathy (communication), and so forth. The fact is, we have yet to define the countless fibers of nerves that stem within the intuitive sense and may not be possible in human understanding.

One thing I can say, however, is that it would be absolutely foolish and arrogant for us to dismiss this as "bad" or "evil" due to whatever religious dogma dictates (which I have done fervently in my past) (Letter of the word vs spirit of the word).

It is the intention that breathes life into the action. You can be a doctor to practice with a pure desire to heal or purely from ego and pursuit of prestige. You can be a police officer to protect and serve or simply to usurp power over people and so forth. And intuitives (or psychics) can use their abilities to heal and guide people to solutions and peace of mind or practice from their love of their power and monetary gains.

The bottom line is, I absolutely love being the appointed one to add value to people's lives, to their experiences, and to be part of creating synergy.

When I first had the chance to lead someone to healing from abuse, I knew that it was something bigger than my conscious ego that guided me. I knew that I have done this before (which at the time I didn't acknowledge another life). It was familiar, it was fulfilling, and most of all, it was "natural" to me.

I've lost friends (mostly from church), I know people whisper, discredit, or condemn what I do. But if there is one thing I have learned from the Bible is to stand up for what you believe in no matter the cost. Jesus was persecuted for speaking and living the Truth. And I know that what He taught was to live a life that has living spirit within our actions and service. Not to be a hypocrite who only looks and speaks correctly.

God, the Source of all that there is and all that there will ever be, is the ocean in which we derived from and came into this world as droplets of the ocean. So we are ALL equipped with our own unique Divinity and genius to accomplish whatever we set out to do. And, to fulfill a purpose.

I am fulfilling mine.

#Myspiritualpath #Intuitivework

#Myspiritualpath #Intuitivework

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