About Guided Soul-ution

Passionate About Healing and Guiding Others
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Hello, my name is Shiro Nobunaga and welcome to Guided Soul-ution.

I am a spiritual counselor and teacher. And within that profession, I use my intuitive gifts to serve and assist others.

For those who are interested, I have shared my story and thoughts in depth here.

Although it is primarily centered around my services, Guided Soul-ution is also a platform where other intuitive can share their gifts as well.

For tips on getting a reading, you can also check out our Youtube episonde on "Finding the Right Intuitive Counsel"

I offer intuitive reading/counseling and mediumship reading (which is mediating for any passed loved ones). 

In most sessions, this occurs during the reading and it is synergistic to the session.

My style is interactive and it will often feel like you are in a conventional counseling session.  I am at times guided to ask questions that has value in you hearing yourself answering.  Many of my clients are repeaters and I function as a spiritual advisor to people of influence such as CEO's, celebrities, other intuitives (psychics), psychologists, etc.  My job is not to prove how "psychic" I am, but to assist you in arriving to a solution, clarity, and ultimately to help equip you with wisdom and awareness to become self sufficient.  If you are looking for a conventional "reading" I am not the one for you.


If I am not receiving any messages or feel the connection within the first 15 minutes, I will end the session with the conclusion that I am not the appointed one to assist you. In this case, payment is not required (or refund if you paid ahead of time).   This generally means that you are meant to be assisted by someone else, or it is not the right timing for you for whatever reason.


I will record the session and send the link via email to download the session afterwards with a brief summary (on 1st session). If you prefer other options or methods, please feel free to make your request.


My Thoughts on Intuitive Session:


An intuitive session is where we make an energetic connection to each other and 'tapping into' insights of the question at hand. As a soul, we are all connected to the Divine Universe and the collective consciousness, and we are aware of our direction and purpose. However, we often become disconnected due to being conditioned to doubt our own sixth sense to navigate ourselves.


When we receive insights through intuitives, it is a collaboration between the reader, reader's Guides, the client, and the client's Guides. Ultimately, the message that the client is meant to retain is what 'makes sense' or 'resonates' with the client.


When we choose the intuitive (psychic) that is right for us, I recommend choosing one that we feel the most natural connection with. A chemistry. 

Since there are no coincidences in this Divine Providence called life, even the connection to a intuitive messenger is an appointed one. 

And how we would 'know' this is by following the most authentic navigational system; our 'feelings'. 

If we feel comfort or a sense of familiarity, whether in the delivery, the voice, or choice of words, etc, it is a recognition that comes from within. It is most important for all of us to listen to our inner voice.


This does not mean that you should stay with the same intuitive. As we are all evolving, over time, the chemistry may change.

Essentially, it is the orchestration of the Universe to provide the best counsel for us at any particular time like anything else in life.


It is best for the client to approach the session with a clear intention to gain clarity or to receive an answer to the questions. 

Try not to focus too much on the "wow factor" or to be impressed by the intuitive aspect. 

Instead, work with the intuitive by focusing on receiving the answer that best serves you at that time. 

Having a set agenda as to what you think you should hear or expect to hear may cause hindrance to 'hearing' the message. 

The session is most effective when one is ready with intent without any skepticism.

*Since "psychic" is an outdated word with so much misconceptions, misunderstandings, and taboos, I use the expression "intuitive" throughout. Not to 'avoid' that word, but to best represent it.

Please be sure to read the DISCLAIMER prior to booking

The Vision

Guided Soul-ution was established with a vision to establish a platform for intuitives to have a place of communion and bond.  I recognize this work as a service to humanity, a work of Light, thus a Lightworker.  And union amongst Lightworkers creates synergy and amplification of its power in Love and Light.  "Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst" is a passage from the Scripture stated by the Ascended Master, Jesus Christ, which implies how bonding of common energy amplifies and garners more power from the Heavenly & Celestial (high dimensional) realm.

The evolution of this platform is ultimately to establish an educational function to both budding intuitives and the general public to assist with the overall evolution where humanity embraces the sixth sense not as a an extra-sensory perception but as whole-sensory perception and ultimately arriving to a place where we all become self sufficient utilizing our own inner navigational system for our individual life journey.

Although this part of it may be more ego or 3rd dimensional based idea, I would love to see this platform reaching, if not contributing to, a point where it can be recognized as a universal standard of authenticity as a practitioner of Light and Love holding the integrity of serving the highest good of their clientele.  This helps to sift through those that are not aligned with that highest intent meaning they are more profit driven, fear based, or other self serving energy.

Love is the driving force behind this vision and the motto for the vision is to "Crusade for Love".