Ivy, along with her brother, was aware of her intuitive gifts (psychic/medium) from a very young age.  As her psychic energy grew stronger, she felt she needed guidance.  At age 16, she was led to study Remote Viewing under the tutelage of Major Ed Dames.  After 3 years of study, Ivy was accepted into Dames Professional Remote Viewing program, and by age 21, Ivy was RV certified and became part of Dames professional remote viewing team working with law enforcement for missing children cold cases, runaway suspects, and other levels of investigations.


After leaving the team, she became certified in Law of Attraction and Manifestation techniques which she combined her RV method that evolved into what she now teaches, Quantum Remote Viewing.

Ivy is passionate about her sense of purpose assisting people with their expansion and ascension of consciousness by utilizing her natural gift and trained skills for intuitive guidance and healing as well as helping to train seekers to become empowered to help others.



New Clients:

$222 1 hour session

(30 minute follow up appointment included)


Returning Clients:

$90 30 minute session

$150 1 hour session

For any questions or booking inquiries

Guided Soul-ution

4922 Edinger Ave

Huntington Beach, CA

(424) 571-2949 


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