Cutting Cords - Pick Up the Pieces

With each broken memories of your past, you have left pieces (energetic) of yourself there. And with any unresolved or open doors, you are still tied with an energetic cord​ and it is most likely affecting your present in one way or another​.  Whether it is your mother​/father​, your brother​/sister​, or your late husband or wife, just reflect on what pops up in your mind as a past you are still feeling certain emotions about. 

Although this process may feel silly for some of you, the basic principle is that thoughts create things​ and it does tie us to things that at times no longer serve us.​  Imagination, idea, and vision is the seed of what we experience in physical reality. Th​e abelow method​ is a metaphysical process in which all life and outcomes stem from. The more vividly you "see" this process, the more impact you will feel afterwards as a result of your belief.

​- ​Be honest and open with yourself without any defensiveness arising.

​ Find a private space with no interruptions. Darkness helps to focus on the visualization.​

- Close your eyes and sit the person you recall in front of you. Literally ask them to appear in front of you (alive or passed). Deep breaths.

- Talk to them about what you remember and how you feel about it. Say it like it is. Say everything until you come to a place where you know there is no more to go.

- Then, thank them. Thank them for the experience which added a new element to your life (compassion, empathy, wisdom, mercy, endurance, etc). Keep thanking them until you begin to feel the appreciation. Do the same thing for forgiveness (giving or receiving).

- Then, hold out your hands and cup them. Say "Now, I take my emotions and a piece of myself from you." and imagine a piece of yourself being placed in your hands. Bring it to your heart and let it sink in. Then, take a virtual scissor and cut the cord between the two of you.

- Close with a final "Thank you" and farewell.