Newsletter Vol.22 

~ Tidying Up ~

Dear Soul Family & Friends,

We send you greetings with love and respect to your being and journey!   We trust that your journey is leading you to the answers, solution, awareness, and clarity that you need to step into your authentic  path and purpose. 


There are multitude of messages through various channels that 2020 is going to be an activation/manifestation year for those that have done the "work" thus far.  This is primarily for those who has been feeling stagnant/stuck throughout this year but have been focusing on your inner work.  Many of us have been guided through emotional healing as our Spirit Guides have been calling us out to shed density of our past wounds, to face our shadow head on, and to further reinforce our affirmation for our visions and desires.

Many of you have heard of Marie Kondo's show "Tidying Up" on Netflix which was also a popular book.  Marie's methods are very much focused on the energy of your possessions as they are an extension of ourselves.  When we allow clutter of things that no longer resonate with us, we create energetic clog-gage and material possessions are an important reflections to help us declutter our energy to bring ourselves up to date.  Just as hard drives need to defragment, our energy and its corresponding chakras need the same maintenance.

As you prepare for the new year along with all of your visions and desires held in your vortex, do shift your focus on your material possessions for some "tidying up" and shed things that no longer "sparks joy" in our lives.

If you have an epiphany or inspiration, please feel free to share on our Facebook page or when we see you at the Sacred Circle.

From the heart,

Shiro & Jenny

~ Sacred Circle ~

By Shiro & Jenny Nobunaga


October 6th, 2019 (Sun) @Hard Yoga Studio, Huntington Beach

6781 WARNER AVENUE | HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA | (714) 375-3030

Admission Fee: $40  Capacity: 10 Seats

October 13th @ Shiro & Jenny's Home 

4922 EDINGER AVE #C2 | HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA | (424) 571-2949

"Meditation & Fellowship" - Donation: OPEN  (Limited Seating) RSVP

October 27th, 2019 (Sun) 6:00pm~9pm @ Crystal Elixir Studio, Brentwood

11731 BARRINGTON COURT | LOS ANGELES, CA | (424) 535-3116

Capacity: 10 Seats

*NEWS - We have opened 2nd Sundays at our home for meditation, prayer, and fellowship.   Come and hang out with the Tribe and connect!  Donation is open (food, drinks, money, etc)

As always, we are grateful to be invited to host Sacred Circle on a monthly basis with both Hard Yoga and Crystal Elixir.  We trust that those who are guided to participate are there with their own Divine appointment and whatever is shared ultimately benefits the collective.  


As always, the Spirit will guide us through the group readings and surface teachings and wisdom, and we anticipate another inspiring time together.  We will begin with a prayer and guided meditation followed by a group reading.  I will connect with each participant to do readings which will trigger everyone to participate in questions and discussions as the counsel is provided.  We highly recommend for you to come with any questions.  Whatever that can be shared within the Circle will be addressed.  Ask and you shall receive!

At Hard Yoga location, there is a yoga class before and after the Circle so if you'd like to do yoga beforehand or afterwards, please feel free to book yourself directly with Hard Yoga.  

*The Sacred Circle is hosted by Hard Yoga and Crystal Elixir and the reservation and admission is handled directly with the hosts.  Please contact the host for any questions, thank you.

"One of our passion is to assist in empowerment and nurturement of budding intuitives as well as founding a "tribe" where synergy and support is available.  It would be our joy and honor to add value to your journey."    ~ Shiro & Jenny

~ News & Updates ~

Mindfulness EXPO

November 30th, Saturday

at Anaheim Convention Center

I've had the honor of connecting with the founder of the upcoming Mindfulness Expo, Michelle Zarrin, and she has kindly offered a special offer to receive 50% OFF for our tribe (See below)!

"The Mindfulness Expo has something for everyone! Whether you’re just stepping into the world of spirituality and meditation, or have walked this path for a while, there is a class for you. Create your own schedule. Attend one class, or attend as many classes as you’d like. Our 50 minute workshops will reset your mind with clarity, and your heart with connection.   Don’t want to attend any classes? Check out the vast array of exhibitor booths. Tickets are only $35. Yet, nourishing your soul and connecting with like minded people is priceless. Come join us at this all encompassing one-day event, and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit!" 


                                                                    - Michelle Zarrin, Founder




For our email subscribers, you get 50% off the admission price. Original ticket price is $35. And there are no add-on expenses. So it would be a flat rate of $17.50 per ticket, for the entire day's event.  Please contact Shiro for the link to receive the discount!

New Offerings by Shiro

4 x 1hour sessions for $350

This 4 session package is offered for those who feel they need an ongoing sessions for healing, counsel, and coaching via in-person, phone, or Skype/Facetime. 


*The 4 sessions will expire in 4 months from the time of purchase.

"Many healings and integration is greatly helped by consistent reinforcement and follow up readings.  I wanted to offer this option to those who are on that path" - Shiro 

~ The Marketplace ~

This month's Marketplace, we would like to feature once again a brand that one of our tribal member has recently launched, Tinsley Tarot.  We've introduced Tinsley as an artist and a tarot reader, however, she has now also stepped into an entrepreneurial path with a clothing brand using her art and creation.

Here is Tinsley's introduction to her brand:


"Tinsley Tarot is not just a brand, but a lifestyle. Promoting conscious living and practical guides to enlightenment, this artist run venture aims to bring guidance to all that seek it.

 Every garment is guaranteed to be ethically made. Each shirt design begins as an original sketch and is screen-printed to create a wearable art form. The iconography used on the garments is derived from sacred esoteric origins. They serve to protect, enlighten and magnify every wearer’s unique talents.

 As a collective, we are undergoing an immense resurgence to analogue, from using photographic film to buying personal record collections. We believe that in high design, the importance of the human hand will visually make a return. Variety comes from the beauty of imperfection, and the essence of an original. So much is lost when the uniqueness of self is completely removed. We are grateful to share this collection with you. "


"I have purchased one of her T-shirt and it is now one of my favorite stage outfit for my performances!"  - Shiro





phone: (346) 908 - 0369


Use Discount Code "Soul-ution" for 20% off your entire order!  One use per customer. 

~ Guided Soul-ution on Youtube ~

New Episode "All Things Come in Equal Polarity" - Coming Soon!


Episode 3 - Ascension & 5th Dimensional Consciousness

What religion has created in its misunderstanding is now repeating in the spiritual community and it is essential to be aware.  What is true meaning of ascension?

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