Newsletter Vol.32 

~ Setting Things In Motion ~

Dear Soul Family & Friends,

We send you greetings with love and respect to your being and journey! As always, we trust that your journey is leading you to the answers, solution, awareness, and clarity that you need to step into your authentic  path and purpose.

As we enter the 2nd half of 2020, what we have worked through in the 1st half will begin to manifest in various ways.  As mentioned in the previous (#30) newsletter, the pandemic and other world affairs are assisting us in setting our trajectory by stimulating our consciousness toward either the positive or the negative polarity.  I have assisted many through personal changes and some are definitely seeing the opportunity of change in positive direction during this time.

One of the key points of focus is 'closure' which I just did a new Youtube episode on.  Even when we transition from 1st half of the year to the 2nd, it is best to give ourselves time to reflect and seal the season with gratitude and peace.  Every time we find ourselves complaining about anything, there is energy of 'lack' in our state and likely to perpetuate it without the closure in place.  Accepting what is and accepting what isn't is not a compromise or dismissal; it is making peace with the situation/person acknowledging that there is a purpose being served and trusting in the value of process itself.

Lack of closure means that you will see "it" resurfacing in your present until you give due attention.  If it is a person, whatever experience, emotion, or energy that was shared will most likely repeat through someone else.  Also, complete closure means you will be more fully present in the 'now' which is what is setting things in motion for your future.

May the closure be complete in your life with peace, love, & gratitude...

~ Namaste ~

From the heart,

Shiro & Jenny

If you have an epiphany or inspiration, please feel free to share on our Facebook page or when we see you at the Sacred Circle.

~ Sacred Circle ~

Hosted By Shiro & Jenny Nobunaga

We will be taking a break from the Circle until we all regroup.

Meetups for "Awakened Entrepreneurs" & "5D Consciousness"

coming soon!

~ New Youtube series "The Marketplace" uploading soon! ~

I am starting a new series where introduce products, services, people/talent that adds great value to our spiritual & healthy lifestyle.

If you have something you'd like for me to present, please contact me!




"One of our passion is to assist in empowerment and nurturement of budding intuitives as well as founding a "tribe" where synergy and support is available.  It would be our joy and honor to add value to your journey."    ~ Shiro & Jenny

~ News & Updates ~

~ Introducing ~ 

Marcie Draheim

Animal Communicator & Reiki Master

We would like to introduce someone who has helped us with our cat, Kiki.  She had some physical symptoms due to her anxiety. 


But not only that, since she was a stray, we did not know her age or her story (ie - how she was declawed, why she has certain traumas, etc).  Marcie mediated on her behalf and provided us with her age, birthday, and her purpose in our lives!

Marcie connected with Kiki and helped us gain clarity on everything we needed to know. 


I highly recommend Marcie for anyone who wants to connect with their pets in a deeper way.

Marcie Draheim is an Intuitive Animal Communicator, The Voice for those who cannot speak, Reiki Master, White Wolf Energy Emerging Practitioner and Founder of the Coyote Freedom Method, residing in Durango, CO.

As a young girl, Marcie has always had the ability to understand and communicate with animals.  She has also been able to lay her hands on them and facilitate relief from pain and anxiety.  She's actively studied both of these offerings for years, in order to refine her skill set and to advance her knowledge. 

Marcie has always had pets in her life, whom served to be her hands on teachers as well.

~ Helpful Information ~

~ Movies & Documentaries ~

Movie:  "Heal"  (Netflix) - Great exploration of holistic healing through various patients' journey

Movie:  "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams & Cuba Goodings Jr - A great movie that illustrates the mechanism of life after death.  This film has done a great job of depicting the other side.  Very thorough research was conducted to conceptualize this.

~ For Visualization & Manifestation ~ 

To reinforce your visualization process:

"The No.1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily" -

"The Hidden Secret Of The Mega Rich" -


To help with your meditation and/or being more present:

"8 Ways To Enter The Present Moment" -

Tips on Meditation ~

~ Good Reading Material ~


Pleiadian Prophecy 2020~The New Golden Age

"Creating Affluence" by Deepak Chopra

Rate Change Notice

I have been going through a major change and undergoing intense training to completely upgrade myself and consequently the service I will be offering.

For a while I have been told by many friends in the intuitive community as well as my own Guides to adjust my rate.  With the current upgrade I am going through, I feel that it is timely to finally reflect that change in my rates.

Since it will be a significant increase, I am offering my current rate for those that have been my subscribers for the remainder of 2020 in appreciation of your continued support.  Please keep in mind that once the rate is change is made official, all new clients will be subject to the new rates.

I greatly appreciate your understanding and support in recognizing the value of my being and service.

From the heart,

Shiro Nobunaga

~ The Marketplace ~

This month's Marketplace, I am introducing a product that I have represented as a Director of Sales & Marketing in my corporate days, Spirulina.  Specifically Earthrise brand Spirulina.  

Spirulina is a blue green algae that is cultivated in a pond through intense heat, known to be the food of the Aztecs.  It is packed with extremely high vegetable protein (vegetarian weight lifters use Spirulina as their source of protein), high level of beta carotene, and loaded with antioxidants.  

More importantly, it is also known to decalcify our pineal glands which is the part of our brain that facilitate our Third Eye.  The pineal gland is calcified through fluoride which for some reason is in our drinking water.  Although it may have some benefit to our teeth enamel, there is no sound reason to standardize it into our water.

Earthrise, the brand I had  the joy of working with, is one of the 2 entrusted brand (other in Hawaii) of Spirulina cultivated in California.  I have the firsthand knowledge of its integrity and quality control.

I am currently working on an e-Commerce site, but I am excited to be able to offer Earthrise Spirulina to my subscribers at a highly discounted price for a limited time.  Please email me for more information.

~ Guided Soul-ution on Youtube ~

New Episode:  "The Importance of Closure"

is now uploaded!

The importance of closure is something that is often brought to light in many of my sessions. We are shifting from one season to another and how we end each one greatly affects the new season.

And in case you missed it: 

"All Things Come in Equal Polarity" is also up!

To every positive, there is negative. To every shade, there is light. When tragedy strikes, when heartache or sorrow comes upon you, when we see our reality from one angle, are we aware of the other polarity that exists to create each experience? All things come in equal polarity.

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