About Connie

Connie Precella "The Seer"

Rooted in her Native American origin (Choctaw Apache Tribe), her spiritual gift is appropriately titled "The Seer".


Powerfully clairvoyant, Connie delivers the hard truth and message with great love and wisdom.

She is known for her rock'n'roll style who is proud of her potty mouth and blunt delivery saying it like she sees it.

But make no mistake, what she sees is Divinely guided and her intentions to serve the Light of God are pure as they come. To those close to her, she is fondly known as "the angel with a crooked halo".

As a loving mother to Shiro (from many lifetimes prior), Connie lends her gift and presence to provide a powerful reinforcement to the Guided Soul-ution team.

"I see her working with law enforcement and eventually will be known on TV! She's a star in the making" - Shiro